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I’m a magnet for weirdos

I was sitting in a train from Villach to Vienna, and was working on my laptop while listening to movie soundtracks. Suddenly the door opened and a rather plump girl entered, asking if there was a free seat. I nodded … Continue reading

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Run Morrison, Run: Batman – Batman and Son

Morrison’s Batman- run begins here! Artwork by Andy Kubert. After The Infinite Crisis (a DC-wide cross-over event), one year has passed. Two-Face is back, Penguin and Riddler have turned good, and Batman has returned after a one- year- break. Several months after his … Continue reading

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If Chins could kill – Confessions of a B-movie actor

“If Chins could kill” is the autobiography of B-movie star Bruce Campbell. You may know him from “Hercules- The legendary journeys” or Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead-Trilogy“. He is the best friend of Sam Raimi (which ecomes very clear in this … Continue reading

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The Knightfall-saga… and a guy named Bane

WARNING! Disturbing images and spoilers ahead! When Batman returns on the big screen in next year’s The Dark Knight Rises, he will battle the villain Bane (Tom Hardy) NO! Not that one! The real one. the cunning one. The dangerous … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of the Immortals – The Comic – At the Abyss pt I

Today we are taking on a different “child” of the Chronicles: The comic-adaptation. In 2004 “The Chronicles of the Immortals: At the Abyss pt I” was released in Germany and Austria. It was drawn and coloured by Benjamin von Eckartsberg … Continue reading

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Captain America – a little different from ordinary reviews, but just a little…

I’ve seen this movie in Sarajevo, but I had no time to write a review about it and post it here. Till now. Captain America is one of the “tie-in movies” for the upcoming crossover event-movie “The Avengers” (not to … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of the Immortals Volume VIII – The Cursed (Die Verfluchten)

This volume sets this half’s storyline in motion (yeah, part VII was rather a proloque,like part I for the first half). story: After the events in”The Hunted” (no accurate dates, but it takes place “many years later”, though still in the … Continue reading

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