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Batman – Year One

With The Dark Knight Rises approaching and my diploma thesis waiting, it’s time to review some Batman-stuff. The movie is something I like to call “comic-movilization” (the difference with “comic- adaptation” will be defined in my thesis), which follows the … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of the Immortals – Volume XIII – The Machdi (Der Machdi)

After the disapointment of the twelthth volume, I had no high hopes for the next book, which came out last fall. “The Machdi” was going to be the largest of the books with over 700 pages. Eventually I bought it … Continue reading

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Casino Royale

Casino Royale is possibly one of the worst movies starring James Bond, if not the worst. It’s abolutely nonsensical, poorly acted, almost absolutely unfunny and has got dumb and badly choreographied action scenes, which look worse than the fight scenes … Continue reading

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Iron Sky

Many people have been waiting years for this movie to come out. First introduced in Cannes with a nice teaser trailer, Iron Sky then became an insider-tip and was financied by crowdfunding, which means: the people who wanted to see … Continue reading

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The most fairest of them all: Mirror Mirror

This is the first entry in the coverage of 2012’s Snow White Movies. We start with a movie called “Robin Hood“. It’s a story of a young aristocrat, who is betrayed by the royal ruler od the country, and escapes … Continue reading

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