I’m a magnet for weirdos

I was sitting in a train from Villach to Vienna, and was working on my laptop while listening to movie soundtracks. Suddenly the door opened and a rather plump girl entered, asking if there was a free seat. I nodded and she sat down. Immediately she started chatting, told me about why she was in my compartment, while her baggage was in another. Then she went on and told me her full biography, especially the part about her future (she always wanted to marry an old rich Columbian drug lord, whom she wanted to kill in order to get his money), then she spoke about her relationship to her ex-boyfriend and that her stepfather (who later only became her mother’s boyfriend) had hit her that hard that she had to stay in hospital for three days, and was just recently released. I couldn’t spot any bruises except for some eczema on her ellbow, so I doubted approximately 80 percent of what she had said. And she kept on talking, and asked me my name (I really should invent an alter ego for these situations!)Fortunately she left after what seems like an eternity!

This is nothing new to me. I very often encounter people, who believe that they have to talk with me, or that I’m interested in their lives. But it’s not just these people. There are lunatics all over, very, VERY weird people, and it seems they all want to stick around me.

Another time in a train, the compartment was full. And one guy, who had a bag full of beer, desperately wanted to chat with anybody. When realising that noone was interested in talking and rather read or looked into their laptops, he got angry, said that in prior times everybody talked in the train, and he lit a cigarette (ignoring the “no smoking” sign)

Once when me and my brother did the Easter-burning for the church, there was one time when a teenager came over and started to ask stupid and annoying questions. My brother and I just looked at each other and tried ignoring this little brat.

What I have done to give these people this impression I have no idea! God, I always thought of me as a misanthrop, so this REALLY startles me… Maybe it’s my looks, or my smell.

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3 Responses to I’m a magnet for weirdos

  1. Carina Go says:

    Welcome to my world…

    “I really should invent an alter ego for these situations!”
    Sonja Braun, pleased to meet you. 😉

    Dieses Mädel, das du da beschreibst, erinnert mich vom Verhalten sehr stark an eine Bekannte… Ich bezweifle aber, dass sie es auch wirklich war, weil ich nicht wüsste, was sie auf der Strecke Villach-Wien tun sollte…

    • befilmt says:

      Hello Sonja, nice to meet you 😉
      Hm, sagt dir der name lara wallner was? was sie auf der strecke villach-wien amchen sollte? nach graz fahren natürlich 😉

      • Carina Go says:

        Nein, sagt mir nix, aber vielleicht hat sich die Gute ja auch ein Pseudonym zugelegt 😉 Nein, denke nicht, das sie das war, diese Strecke wär untypisch für sie. Aber vom Verhalten und der Statur her gibts da schon Ähnlichkeiten…

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