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Shortmovies are one of the most neglected moviegenres. Although Disney and Dreamworks try to make them popular by showing them before their feature films, they still are a subgenre. That´s unfair, because a lot of work is put into them. That´s why I am going to review and present some Austrian shortmovies

K3 Filmfestival // Review: Risse im Beton // Review: Endzeit

Last weekend, I visited the K3 Filmfestival in Villach, which was held from 17th – 21st of September. It’s a small, international festival, with a special emphasis on films from Austria, Italia and Slovenia. Like the Sarajevo Film festival, I … Continue reading

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the Scent – a shortmovie

While I was on this year’s Diagonale film festival, a friend of mine, Stefan Mueller, director of “Biest”, “Jenseits”, “Tartarus” and “Legende”, called  and asked me whether I had time to help him with a short movie he was currently … Continue reading

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An einer Haltestelle…

With slowly learning new technologies, I just started using vimeo. And guess what: I uploaded my first video: “An einer Haltestelle…” is a short movie directed by me in 2012. It’s without any dialogue, and only a minute long. An … Continue reading

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How far are we willing to go when we’re already standing at the edge? A shortfilm by some college-colleagues of mine. In the near future, a nuclear supergau has taken place in middle-Europe. Medical supplies are very rare, and cannot … Continue reading

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Warum Schmetterlinge Fliegen – Review

I haven´t been writing much these days, because I´m very busy planning my next movie. But I know I owe you a review of “Warum Schmetterlinge fliegen”, the movie where I have been working as a directing assistent and making-of … Continue reading

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A shortfilm by young Austrian filmmaker Ioan Gavrilowitsch, which he made when he was just 16. It´s a episode-roadmovie about a 1€-coin´s journey. It slipps through th fingers of many people, and changes their life (yeah, you´re surprised what 1€ … Continue reading

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