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A recent internet phenomenom are upcoming reviewing sites. Those reviewers look into a certain subject (mostly bad movies) and “tear them apart”. That they do in a very satirically way, which becomes very poular.

I am going to look at some of these reviewers and find out what their secrets are.

Trailer: The Angry Video Game Nerd – The Movie

Once in a lifetime, there comes a movie, that will change everything. And even though it won’t be this movie, it still comes pretty close James Rolfe’s movie adaptation of his own web show, which was shot in the past … Continue reading

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The Cinema Snob reviews “Cannibal Holocaust”

Brad Jones is “The Cinema Snob”, an internet reviewer who takes on gory horrorfilms and porns. He is part of That Guy with the glasses, and you can find him on This episode is very special, for it not … Continue reading

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The AVGN`s 100th episode

For those who don´t know what AVGN stands for and who stands behind this name: AVGN is an abbreviation for Angry Video Game Nerd, a fictional internet character, created by young filmmaker James Rolfe. The Nerd´s trademarks are his white … Continue reading

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