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Need For Speed

I just spend eleven euros for a two-hour car commercial in three deee, sponsored by a video-game studio. Nothing more to add. Advertisements

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Castlevania – Lords of Shadow 2 Teaser Trailer

Sometimes I go on Youtube and search for new Castlevania videos. And just now, I’ve found the first trailer for the upcoming sequel to Lords of Shadow. It contains heavy spoilers for those who haven’t finished the game yet. So … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Castlevania Games

As long as I can remember, Castlevania has always been one of my favourite game franchises of all time. You play as a whip-whielding memberof the Belmont family, who goes out to hunt the evil creatures of the night, and … Continue reading

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Game of the year

Welcome to a new category on this site! I wanted to write about games for a long time, and I think now is the right time for it. So let’t start with the game of the year 2011! although I … Continue reading

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