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No reason Rubber is an insider tipp. The “slasher-movie” about a tire that comes to life and kills people by telekinetic powers is both ridiculous and brilliant. It’s not just a trash movie, it’s more, much more. Rubber takes movie- … Continue reading

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Super 8

The extra stops pretending to talk on the phone the moment he notices the acting talent of the lead actress (Elle Fanning), and watches her like everyone else. Her acting partner has also difficulties to remember his lines, and stumbles … Continue reading

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Kochegar / The Stoker

A Russian satire about gangsters. More or less It very rarely happens that I love and hate a movie at the same time. Stoker is one of these cases. I haven’t read what it was about, just the words “Russian … Continue reading

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Fleke/ Spots

A Croatian film about the loss of innocence. 17 year old Lana wants to sleep with her boyfriend Igor, so they plan to do it in a cab. But while doing it, they are disturbed bz a cab/robbery nearby. Lana … Continue reading

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