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Announcement: Grant Morrisson’s Batman-Run

As I am a huge Batmanfan, I am going to review the entire run by cult-author Grant Morrisson, including Batman & Son, The Clown at Midnight, Batman R.I.P., The Final Crisis and Batman Reborn. I have almost every part at … Weiterlesen

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The World’s Greatest Extra

Speaking of extras (see ), who do you think is the greatest extra ever? Stan Lee? Some other famous person? No, THIS Guy: Jesse Heiman Why, You’ll ask. This guy is nothing special. You may be right, but you are … Weiterlesen

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A Dangerous Method – Official Trailer (with extras)

Finally it’s here, the trailer for the upcoming Cronenberg movie „A Dangerous Method“, starring Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud, Michale Fassbender as Carl Jung and Keira Knightley as Sabina Spielrein. It has been shot exactly a year ago. Why I … Weiterlesen

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The Chronicles of the Immortals – Volume VII: The Hunted (Der Gejagte)

We re halfway through with the series. At this point, I’ve read the books only once (what doesn’t mean that they are bad, but I haven’t had time to read them more often). With part 6 one story arc was … Weiterlesen

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Chronicles of the Immortals – Volume VI – The Blood-Countess (Die Blutgräfin)

We have reached the series‘ half, which is a turning point. An age has come to an end. But first, let me tell you what’s going on. As always, there will be spoilers. And unless you’ve read the fifth book, … Weiterlesen

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The other X-Men: First Class – Review* Reading at own risk**

Bryan Singer must have balls. Of the five X-Men-related movies he directed the first two, and produced the latest one, First Class. So what does he do? He tells the other two movies to „go and fuck themselves“. No kidding, … Weiterlesen

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The Horror The Horror – Wilderness

The Swedish Band „The Horror The Horror“ has a new song. „Wilderness“, which clip was made in Austria by directing student Michael Podogil, known for his extraordinary and hilarious movies. DOP was Michael Mrkvicka, who as usual made great visuals … Weiterlesen

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Second thoughts on Thor

After letting the movie settling for a while, new thoughts came up about the movie. First of all. Chris Helmsworth is a wonderful Thor, and the relationship between him and Loki is great. He is an inmature, arrogant young boy, … Weiterlesen

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Quick Review: Biutiful

I just came back from the cinema, where I’ve seen „Biutiful“ (this year’s Academy Award winner for best foreign film) It’s a very good movie, and I recommend it. It lives of Javier Bardem, who is a great actor, which … Weiterlesen

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The Cinema Snob reviews „Cannibal Holocaust“

Brad Jones is „The Cinema Snob“, an internet reviewer who takes on gory horrorfilms and porns. He is part of That Guy with the glasses, and you can find him on This episode is very special, for it not … Weiterlesen

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