Captain America – a little different from ordinary reviews, but just a little…

I’ve seen this movie in Sarajevo, but I had no time to write a review about it and post it here. Till now.

Captain America is one of the “tie-in movies” for the upcoming crossover event-movie “The Avengers” (not to be mistaken with the TV-series from the 60s and its rotten movie adaptation in 1998, this is a comic-adaptation).

“Cap” is the “First Avenger”, for he is the first Superhero in the Marvel Universe. Set during WW II, Steve Rogers (Chris Even’s head on a CGI body) is a skinny little boy, who wants to be a soldier to fight against – you guessed it – Nazis. A special experiment by Polish/German (I can`t really tell exactly where he is from) scientist (Stanley Tucci) allows him to become a Super Soldier. Now all tall and muscular, he is the perfect man to… act in propaganda movies/ plays?

Well, that was unexpected. But as his best friend Bucky Barnes gets caught by evil German scientist Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull (diabolic Hugo Weaving), Rogers takes action into his own hands. Now he is Captain America, the hero that fights agains the evil Nazi-suborganisation Hydra. From this point on, there is also not much story anymore, just a lot of explosions…

At the end, Cap confronts Red Skull in a stealth jet, and gets really cold. Then he ends up in heaven and meets God – I mean Sam L Jackson.

So, what did I think about the movie…

It was ok. I mean, the first half is really good, the character of Steve Rogers is well played, and all the other characters are well introduced. The second half of the movie is just action, and the little story gets abandoned. Evens is wonderful, as is Hugo Weaving, but his villain is a generic “I want to take over the world” guy without backstory (which makes the movie inferior to Thor). Rogers love interest Carter (Hayley Atwell) is played well and the love story is convincing (which makes the movie superior to Thor). The other supporting roles are quite ok.

Two interesting aspects I have to mention: Cap was invented as an US- propaganda character in the 40s. Everybody knows that, but at the moment…many people hate the USA. So, what should the filmmakers do… they leave out the US-propaganda. Therefore, Cap is not supposed to be a good American, but a good man. During the movie, there is also almost no US-propaganda, except for the scene when Cap IS the propaganda-character, plays in movies, plays etc in order to recrut many people for the army. (the best scene in the movie, for it makes fun of the whole thing) To make myself clearer: a single scene from any live-action Transformers movie has more US-patriotism in it than the whole Captain America movie!

Secondly: Captain America does NOT – I repeat – does not fight against Nazis! (Unless of course, you do count the time he punches Hitler in the face) He is about to fight against Nazis, but during the course of the movie he only fights Hydras. Before you probably object, there is a difference between fighting Nazis (visible by the swastika ) and fighting a fictional Nazi suborganisation that has a different badge and in which no member speaks German (and I have seen the movie in O-tone, therefore I can assure you).

The big problem the movie has is its second half, where only action accurs. And its no mind-blowing action, but a CGI- firework. And all the time, you never lose the feeling that you have seen EVERY SINGLE SCENE already somewhere else.

So, Captain America is not a great movie, but it has it good moments and the acting is good too. I won’t recomment that you have to see it, but if you want to watch a good mindless movie, this one is right for you.

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