Let´s be films and books

I love books, and I love movies, two great inventions of entertainment and education. This site ist about these two things, I am going to review certain books/movies I have recentliy seen, and I will especially concentrate on Austrian/ German stuff (´cause too little people know them)

1 Response to Let´s be films and books

  1. Mike says:

    Hey there…

    i am an austrian filmmaker living in London…

    I did a feature direct cinema documentary exploring the distance and the
    action between a dream and it’s reality based on an austrian guy traveling
    through europe on a unique dream hunt…

    I wanna ask u if i can send u a DVD Screener and you write a heartwarming review
    about it ??? 🙂

    anyway here is the trailer for a little impression:

    If u up for it just let me know where to send a screener!

    best regards


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