The Chronicles of the Immortals – The Comic – At the Abyss pt I

Today we are taking on a different “child” of the Chronicles: The comic-adaptation. In 2004 “The Chronicles of the Immortals: At the Abyss pt I” was released in Germany and Austria. It was drawn and coloured by Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant.

Based on the series’ first volume, it tells the story of homecoming Andrej Delany, who finds his hometown abandoned and assaulted. I won’t go into the story as it’s pretty much the same as in the book. But there are some changes I’d like to discuss:

First of all, Andrej doesn’t find his old friend Barack in the tower, but his own son (which makes the salvation much more meaningful). Then, Andrej has got tattoos! We first don’t recognise them, and think they are bloodspots, but later we realise that they are in fact tattoos. Where do they come from? In the books, up to this point there has never been any mention about Andrej being tattooed. If you ask why I mention it, I ‘ll give you the answer to a later date.

There are only two thugs in the about-to-burn-tavern, and Andrej already then could turn into the slaughtering demon he will later become. Malthus, the main villain in the book, is the leader of the three Golden Knights, and is also the one that gets impaled in the tavern. The Comic ends with Andrej and Frederic entering Constanza, with Domenicus and the knights noticing.

The artwork is awesome and if you don’t mind some changes to the source material, the comic is pretty good, despite its dark atmossphere. As a fan of the Chronicles I can recommend it.

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