If Chins could kill – Confessions of a B-movie actor

“If Chins could kill” is the autobiography of B-movie star Bruce Campbell. You may know him from “Hercules- The legendary journeys” or Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead-Trilogy“. He is the best friend of Sam Raimi (which ecomes very clear in this book, as Raimi loves to torture him whenever possible)

Campbell tells about his family, his life, the time when he found out he wanted to be an actor, and his first steps in this wide and intimidating field. It’s an unofficial look inside Hollywood and filmbiz, with a lot (and I mean a lot – it’s like every second page) of funny anecdotes.

He also says that there is an difference between being an actor and being a movie star (well, find out what he is 😉 ). Learning what the guys suffered while filming the first Evil Dead movie gives independent filmmakers such as myself confidence and courage to go on.


But even for people that are neither interested in movies, moviemaking, nor Bruce Campbell hilmself, the book is worth reading in my opinion. It’s a fun ride.

And in case you ever don’t know what to do, just ask yourself:

What would Bruce Campbell do?

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