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Sarajevo Filmfestival 2011

I am currently staying at the Sarajevo Filmfestival in Bosnia. After a 12 hour bus drive I arrived in the morning and immediatlz fell asleep in the hostel. But I also watched a few movies, which I will review in … Continue reading

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Once upon a time…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

There we have it, Le Grande Finale de Harry Potter. After 10 years, 7 Books, 7 prior films and millions of dollar, the eight and final Harry Potter movie launches in cinemas. Written by Steve Kloves (The script, not the … Continue reading

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Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon 3D

Just came home from the cinema from Transformers 3. I ‘ve never been a real fan of the Transformers-Franchise (being too young for the television-series in the 80s, and too old/ educated/ intelligent for the movies). But I wanted to … Continue reading

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A Film by Tom Hanks and with Tom Hanks

Just came out of “Larry Crowne”, the newest Film by and with Tom Hanks. It’s a quite funny movie, you get exactly what you expect. Middle-aged Larry Crowne gets fired because he has no college diploma, and decides to go … Continue reading

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Soon the beast arrives…

Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming Austrian horror-flick “Biest” (Beast). Directed by Stefan Müller (“Jenseits”, “Tartarus”) and filmed by Martin Schneider, “Biest” is about a young couple (Paul Hassler and Stephanie Lexer) with relationship problems. A trip to … Continue reading

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