Kochegar / The Stoker

A Russian satire about gangsters. More or less

It very rarely happens that I love and hate a movie at the same time. Stoker is one of these cases. I haven’t read what it was about, just the words “Russian satire” made me curious. To be more precisely, it’s a trash-satire, a genre-mix I would normally like .


A confused Yakut stoker, who has fought for the Russians during the war, now works for his former fellow soldier, a mob boss, and is in charge of getting rid of corpses. While having nothing to do in work, he writes a book about a war criminal.

The stoker’s beautiful daughter is having an affair with the mob boss’es best killer, who at the same time is having an affair with his employer’s daughter. When the latter finds out, she orders her father to kill the stoker’s daughter. He enlists his best man to do the job, which he  carries out. To get rid of the corpse, they bring it to the stoker (pretty dark, isn’t it). The old stoker is reminded by a shoe she is wearing that it could be his daughter, and investigates furthermore.

After the revelation that it was his daughter, he kills the gangsters and commits suicide. The movie ends with a little girl reading the unfinished book the stoker has been writing.


It’s a pretty dark story, but at the same time quite absurd. The actors are really bad, but it’s enjoyable. The funniest part is the epilogue, in which the little girl reads about murder and rape, without the slightest emotion, while the viewer sees the plot as a silent movie.

what makes me absolutely hate the movie is the music. There are only 2-3 different tracks, and they are played repeatingly and repeatingly and repeatingly. Especially when people walk from one location to another, and they do this a lot. So the music goes on your nerves rather quickly. The music also ruins two considerable good/ emotional scenes: The first one being the scene where the stoker’s daughter is put into an oven, and her father finds the shoe he has bought her once. The music plays the whole time, giving no time to feel emotional attracted to what’s happening.

The other one is the scene where he realises that it really was his daughter. He is broken, you can see it. The scene is silent. But then…he walks to his boss’es house, and guess what. The annoying misc is playing! Damn you, movie, damn you! There is no way you can save this movie, no way! Oh wait, …

No seriously, the showdown is pretty damn good. Definitely the “Frying the Coke-scene” of the movie. Then there are still 5 minuts or so until the stoker kills himself, and then the most hilarous epilogue happens.

So, The Stoker hs really torn me apart. It’s bad, there is no denying, but it’s bad in a hilarious way.

So do I recommend it? hell yes!

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