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How far are we willing to go when we’re already standing at the edge? A shortfilm by some college-colleagues of mine. In the near future, a nuclear supergau has taken place in middle-Europe. Medical supplies are very rare, and cannot … Continue reading

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I realised I haven’t talked about my trip to Sarajevo I’ve made this summer yet (except for some of the movies I have seen there: Captain America, Fleke and Kochegar) Now it’s time for it I guess. Sarajevo was awesome! It … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of the Immortals – Interludium – Bloodwar (Blutkrieg)

This story takes place between volume VIII and XI (though I’ve heard Hohlbein shall have said it could take place anywhere after volume IV – bullshit in my opinion). At first, it was considered to be part of volume IX, … Continue reading

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In 1921, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau wanted to adapt Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the big screen, but couldn’t get the rights. He therefore changed the title and some character names and made “Nosferatu”. Still, it was illegal and Stoker’s widow won … Continue reading

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Legende- Die Geschichte eines Helden

This is the review about the first feature movie by Stefan Müller (“Biest”, “Tartarus”), a tragicomedy with the name “Legende”. The shy college student Richard (Stefan Müller) is asked by two comic nerds (Wolfang and Bernhard Lukas) to become a real- … Continue reading

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Green Lantern or: How not to make a movie

In brightest day… It’s been a month or so, since I’ve seen Green Lantern. In one of my previous posts I’ve been praising the trailers that have been released for the movie. Now I feel ashamed. The movie has a … Continue reading

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Run Morrison, Run #2 Batman: The Clown at Midnight

This comic-book issue by Grant Morrison is quite different to other comics. It’s not really a comic, but rather a thrity page prose-short story. The poetic allegories make it very hard to understand what’s going on, that’s why Batman # … Continue reading

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