The other X-Men: First Class – Review* Reading at own risk**

Bryan Singer must have balls. Of the five X-Men-related movies he directed the first two, and produced the latest one, First Class. So what does he do? He tells the other two movies to “go and fuck themselves”.

No kidding, that’s what he did, he completely dismissed these movies.

And Matthew Vaughn must really hate his good friend Jason Flemying, who plays in all his films. Why? Because he gives him tiny unrelevant roles, like a receptionist (Kick-Ass) or a red pet dog (X-Men: First Class), who is only allowed to say felt 1 line.

Kevin Bacon plays Mr. Sinister, although he is clearly named Sebastian Shaw,  has totally different powers, and acts like Blofeld.

Mr Tumnus plays Charles Xavier, who doesn’t want to be called a professor unless he grows bald. But what’s years of family compared to chilling on the beach?

Nazihunter Michael Fassbender plays a nazihunter in this movie. But actually he is the movie’ s Wolverine, which the real Wolverine doesn’t take well (“Go fuck yourselves”). In the end, he turns from Frankenstein’ s Monster to Dr. Frankenfurter, but that’s not too bad, good for some laughs.

Our obligatory “deads for the walks” are in some parts still more convincing than the characters’ motivation at the end.

January Jones tries to escape her “Mad Men” image, but as Emma Frost she has to deal with the same problems women had in the 60s. Tight sexy outfits don’t help much I guess.

Mystique and Beast always try to fit into society, or don’t they? Also they want to bond, but somehow there’s something appealing standing between them. These two characters are excellently written, everybody is in fact, though the bad guy and his minions are not.

Less action, more character-development, as it should be.

The ending is rushed, and the last minute is just build-uo for a sequel. and looks so unintendingly funny.

My advice: Go see it, it’s totally worth it 🙂

*Like the other guys, which are no action heros in particular

**may or may not contain spoilers

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