The Horror The Horror – Wilderness

The Swedish Band “The Horror The Horror” has a new song. “Wilderness”, which clip was made in Austria by directing student Michael Podogil, known for his extraordinary and hilarious movies. DOP was Michael Mrkvicka, who as usual made great visuals (with assistence of Jonas Meyer-Wegener).

The leading roles were played by Susanna Hohlrieder (the Austrian Ellen Page) and Marc Haller, who is also her boyfriend.

The light operator was Andreas “Adi” Bindner, his assistence was Mona Linder, who has made the wonderful shortmovie “Der Amtsweg”, which I am going to review soon.

Producer and Unit manager was Victoria Gegebauer.

The chicken was played by the director himself (he always likes doing a cameo/ performance)

I hope this short article lets you memorise these people, for they are going to be great in the movie/ theatre business.

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