The Cinema Snob reviews “Cannibal Holocaust”

Brad Jones is “The Cinema Snob”, an internet reviewer who takes on gory horrorfilms and porns. He is part of That Guy with the glasses, and you can find him on

This episode is very special, for it not only is a review about “Canibal Holocaust”, the most disturbing gore-Horrorfilm ever made, but also in the way how it is made. It´s a movie with a semi- documentory, which provides a look behind the scenes of making an internet review.

A private detective drives to Jones’ house, investigating in the case of the seemingly missing Cinema Snob. Jones’ wife opens, and the PI searches the house. He finds a VHS tape with Brad’s last moments, entitled “Brad’s last moments”. They watch the tape, which turns out to be an “unedited” review of Cannibal Holocaust. It opens with Brad sitting in the bathroom, his director/DOP approaching him. They talk about making the review (Brad doesn’t want to, as it is the most cruel and disturing film ever made), and then are about to make it. Brad reads his lines from the script and begins, but the “director” points out that he is “not in his role“, which Brad immediatly fixes.

As always, they use stock footage from the actual film to comment on, letting out the most gruesome parts. Ordinarily, the reviews are on one level – the review itself. But in this special one, there are 3 different levels:

a) the wife and PI watching the footage

b) the seemingly unedited footage of Brad

c) the review

Well this entire review mirrors the movie “Cannibal Holocaust”, for there is also a guy, who watches stock footage from a missing filmteam, that filmed cannibal tribes in South America.

Reviews often tend to be like the movies they review on, but, here, it´s all put in a good story, where you can also get into the making-of of reviewing.

In the end, the P.I. breaks the fourth wall by speaking to the camera guy, who turns out to be Brad Jones himself, creating a 4th level, but the actors still act as if it were a real story. This concept is quite brilliant. Also, the movie’s endings get a hommage each: Brad’s review in the review tries to pay hommage to to the ending of the film in the film (the fake documentory), where he should get eaten alive in the backyard, while the P.I.’s ending resembles the movie’s real ending, when he remarks: “I wonder who the real critic is”

Quite mindfucking, quite awesome.

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