Second thoughts on Thor

After letting the movie settling for a while, new thoughts came up about the movie.

First of all. Chris Helmsworth is a wonderful Thor, and the relationship between him and Loki is great. He is an inmature, arrogant young boy, who doesn’t think much of peace, but more about victory and war. That’s why he gets punished and banned by his father Odin.

And here’s the problem: This is the actual plot of the movie, which means the focus should be on this storyline. But it isn’t. In the comics, Thor got banished by Odin for his behaviour, and lived for several years among the humans before he was changed and was worthy of his powers. In the movie, he is living on earth FOR 3 DAYS! And after these 3 days, he is an entirely different person. This is just ridiculous. Noone is changed in 3 days after a lifetime of being an asshole.

This also includes the love story. He is on earth for 3 days and he is together with Jane for approximately half the time. 1 1/2 days for a love to develop!? And think about this: When Stellen Skarsgard and Thor are having a drink, he says: “The way she (Jane Foster) looks at you, it says a lot about her feelings towards you.” They have met 3 times, and the third time Skarsgard was not even near them! So he must have noticed her look on one of the prior occasions, which means Jane is not in love but must be a very horny girl.

Another problem is Odin’s plan: He wants his son to become a good king, so he teaches him a lesson. The famous lines say: “Whoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. ”

He does not exactly say that if HIS SON is worthy, but ANYONE. He couldn’t know when Thor should be ready, so this could mean that anybody could be worthy of the title “God of thunder”. What if some person in China or Australia was worthy before Thor? would this person become the next God of thunder? You see, this plan has serious flaws.

(and for the record: this idea came from a friend of mine:

Other plotholes can be outlined here:

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