The Chronicles of the Immortals – Volume VII: The Hunted (Der Gejagte)

We re halfway through with the series. At this point, I’ve read the books only once (what doesn’t mean that they are bad, but I haven’t had time to read them more often).

With part 6 one story arc was more or less concluded. It was about the search for answers, defying stronger opponents. Volume 7 starts a new story-arc,in which our two heros encounter creatures older than civilization itself.


It is the year 1565 anno Domine. Andrej Delany and his friend Abu Dun have found shelter on the island of Malta, where Abu Dun has started a family (to be more precisely: He hooked up with widow Julia and her son Pierro), while Andrej has joined the local order of holy knights, the island’s protectors, and has become a ship’s captain. They are living a peaceful life.

But war is approaching. The Turkish empire embattles for conquering all of Europe. Andrej and Abu Dun are sent to Konstantinopel to find out the sultan’s plans. Merely escaping an extremely dangerous vampyre, the two heroes return with horrifying news: The Turkish armada is going for Malta, the middlesea’s last stronghold.

The order tries its best to prepare for war, but something worse is happening: The vampyre, a demon, has arrived on Malta and is killing various people due to strike fear into people’s hearts to weaken their faith. Andrej’s order is clear: To find the vampyre, and kill him. But their cunning foe turns out to be the most dangerous opponent they had ever encounted.

As war approaches, Andrej not only learns the secrets of immortality, but also has to deal with a rival within the order, while Abu Dun has to deal with Pierro’s death. On top of a lighthouse, the final battle between Andrej, his rival, Abu Dun and the demon takes place, an opponent, that cannot be killed, no matter how hard they try…


The first thing you’ll notice is, that the book uses accurate dates. You exactly know when what happens, it’s a good replacement for the missing chapters from the last three issues.

The book is bright thick, though not much happens. Most of the time Andrej and Abu Dun are travelling around Malta to find the demon,but it is still very exciting. This demon, an immortal that only strikes at night and ides during the day, and looks like Nosferatu, could be the very first appearence of an actual vampire, though it is never explicitly said in the book.

One thing most people will remember is, that Andrejs power are extremely reduced. He can’t take lives without touching a person, and his own vampyre is seemingly not there. The funny thing about this is, that this is the only book (beside the first part) in which “Andrejs powers are not in anyhow affected/weakened by some sinister force”. It isn’t mentioned in the book why Andrej is portrayed this way.

The focus lies more on Abu Dun than on Andrej this time, so it is also him, who fights the demon at the end. Andrej seems to find out the secret of immortality, but neither the readers nor Abu Dun are told what it is beside “a disease”.

“The Hunted” is probably one of the most neglected books in the series, though it is quite good. I would say, on the same level as Part 2 and 6


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