Christian Mingle – Trailer

Thanks to, I stumbled upon the trailer for a new movie called “Christian Mingle“, which is a 90 minutes advertisement for the upcoming dating site “Christian”. It’s a romcom starring people looking for their big breaks in the acting business. And boy, is it hilarious! There is so much wrong with it, and subsequently also the movie. I know you shouldn’t really judge a movie based on its trailer alone, but the trailer already tells us the entire plot of the movie, including the ending. has already analysed the trailer, but  I will do my own analyse in this post.

Christian Mingle” tells the story of a young, successful, attractive woman, who’s got the big everyday problem of being unable of finding the right man. Because everybody knows how hard it is for attractive people to find true love. Anyway, she decides to do online dating, and registers on the titular website. The only problem: she’s not Christian. And as a consequence of meeting handsome [INSERT RANDOM MALE NAME], a lot of shenanigans happen until the protagonist learns the values of faith.

Where do I even begin? First of, the movie is an ad for the website, as possibly well as Christian faith/ lifestyle, even though its writer/ director and claim otherwise. It’s a try to brig more christianity into movies, because God knows Hollywood isn’t prude enough yet.

Let’s look at the clichés and stereotypes the movie uses: There’s the young, attractive female lead, who’s got a super successful career as [INSERT GREAT JOB]. She’s got three ultra feminine girlfriends, all white of course, who always try to give her men-advice, like in split screen telephone conferences (wouldn’t they use Skype today? It’s definitely cheaper). And they like to go shopping, walking in a line like the female leads in “Sex and the City” did.  And she also got a sassy black female boss, who is even more interested in her love life. And then there seem to be one or two fatherly figures who give really helpful relationship/ life advice. Because everybody knows men are much more focused and interested in other stuff than women, who only like to go shopping and men.


And then, since she started looking into the believing thing, she becomes a better person. She’s regularly going to church, participating in her new boyfriend’s faith and also quitting her wonderful job in favor for an African charity/ missionary project. This may be the possible worst part, in making her changing every part of her lifestyle to please her boyfriend/ the Lord. It falls under the exact same trope most other movies about a successful (business-) woman: It doesn’t matter how complete your life feels now, you must quit your job and any other career-paths to fill your potential hole and be truly happy.


This may be one of the most sexist movies in recent years.

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