Short Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in this Sci-Fi-War version of “Groundhog Day“.


In the near future, humans are battling alien invaders. During the final battle, Major Cage (Cruise), a deserter, gets killed, only to wake up the day before, reliving the same events over and over again. With the help of fellow soldier Rita (Blunt), who has had the same experience, he uncovers the true nature of his new abilities, and also must train in order to save himself, and humanity.

“I got you, babe.”

In my opinion, the “protagonist trapped in a timeloop”- plot – trade is not done to death. In fact, I’d like to see more of this, because it brings new possibilities for actors and storytelling. There is one scene that is just acted perfectly, and you can clearly see the drame the characters go through each new “day”. Both Cruise and Blunt do a terrific job in portraying the characters, and it is good to once again see Cruise not as a typical action hero, but a cowardly, selfish character who has to prove himself to become a hero. But despite all his combat training, it may be his skills as a propaganda-recruiter that could save the day.

It’s also good to see that Blunt does not portray your typical love interest or damsel, but acts more like a mentor and later partner to the protagonist. There’s only one instance during the third act, where the filmmakers lose/ forget their premiss. It may only be a short moment, but sadly it destroys much of the fresh character-development in favor for classic character-arc-telling.


Despite its flaws, “Edge of Tomorrow” is a good sci-fi-action movie, with solid acting, drama, humor and great effects.

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