Resident Evil – Retribution

You seriously want me to do this? To write a review about “Resident Evil 5“?! Well, forget it. I most certainly ain’t gonna waste my time telling you how awful this “movie” is. For you know, the Resident Evil series may not be “good”, but I had considered it entertaining (though the second part is quite unwatchable), but Paul Whatever Shithead Anderson had to shit somewhere. He didn’t even bother with any plot or characters, he just used cardboardcutouts. Or even zombies, for that matter. Some Blade II-rejects and leftovers from “Dead Snow” may also fill in. Seriously, the thing that people call “Resident Evil – Retribution” looks like it could have been made by “The Asylum”

So no, I won’t review that one. Instead, I’ll give you a treat, and show you the trailer for “The Walking Dead – Season One

…as well as the trailer for the Austrian zombie Movie “Rammbock

Now excuse me please, I’ve got to find some aspirin for my headache.

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