Reposted: A letter to the chief of the Austrian right-wing-party: Brief an Herrn Strache oder wie mich meine Wut zum Bloggen brachte..

This is a blogpost I just found, and I thought I should repost it here on my very own blog. It’s an angry “letter” to the head of the Austrian right-wing-(extremist-)party FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreich), H.C. Strache.

Next Sunday will be elections for the Austrian parliament, and the FPÖ is (like usual) bustling against foreigners and asylum seekers. Their paroles and slogans are fascist and remind of the “blood and soil”- ideology of the Third Reich.

Also, Strache’s comments are usually untrue and false. Now, this blogpost I’m reposting is referring to his statements about asylum policy. The author herself claims to be an asylum consultant and rectifies these statements. In general the procedure is complicated than the FPÖ thinks/ says it does, and oftentimes unfair to the seekers. They are not allowed to work or be useful to the Austrian society in any other way, have tiny rooms in which multiple people live in, and have very little chance to actually get a positive verdict because their harsh situation may not be gruesome enough.

If you want to read it for yourself, here it is. I’m afraid it’s in German, so those of you who don’t speak that language may not be able to understand it.  Brief an Herrn Strache oder wie mich meine Wut zum Bloggen brachte... (“A letter to Mr. Strache or how my anger got me blogging…”)

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