The Wolverine… in converted THREEEEE DEEEEEE

Everybody’s favourite furry(ious) mutant returns, in Fox’s “The Wolverine“.

the wolverine

Set years after “X-Men: The Last Stand“, a broken Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) must now travel to Japan in order to pay a visit to an old, dying person he once saved.  The troubled Canadian gets an offer he can’t refuse: To get rid of his immortality. Which he refuses. This leads to a series of betrayal and violence, as not everyone of his hosts shows hospitality.

The Wolverine” is based on the Japan- storyline by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, so many familiar faces from the comics are present, like…erm…that guy:


He also faces one of his most dangerous foes, the Silver Samurai, which in this version is a giant robot. You may have noticed that they are not really following the storyline of the comis, but rather make their own version of them. The plot is therefore extended, also to make it more personal for Logan. It’s also more complicated, for there are actually two plots going on, but while both are executed quite ok, both end very disappointing. Especially the main plot focusing on Wolverine losing his powers. Also, making the Silver Samurai a giant CGI robot is not a good idea.


The villains, sadly, are very lame and not really interesting, as are most of the supporting cast. Logan is well characterized, and he has some good scenes in which he can truly show his wild and merciless side.

The Wolverine” is much better than its predecessor “X-Men Origns: Wolverine” (which isn’t difficult to accomplish), but it’s still rubbish. The two storylines may give the film some complexitiy, but it’s still full of logic- and plotholes.

But may it not be that good or worthwhile of an movie, it still shows us, thtat converted 3D (as 3D in general) is a waste of money. Even though they play the movie in 3D, you don’t see any. (well, they didn’t shoot it in 3D, just converted it). The best part of the movie may in fact be the mid-credits scene, which teases the upcoming X-Men- movie “Days of Future Past“.

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