Pacific Rim – a short review

It’s giant robots vs giant monsters from outer space!!!!!!

pacific rim

Cult-director Guillermo del Toro presents us an epic adventure that extends ist proportions. Through a transdimensional rift deep in the Pacific gigantic Aliens, called the Kaiju, enter our realm and destroy major cities. Humanity fights back by creating Jaeger, gigantic robots, piloted by two people who  share their mind with each other.

There is in fact not much else to tell about the story of the film, as it is “just” robots vs monsters. But what’s worthwhile, is the whole package: The human characters, though not that important, are nicely worked out, and very likeable. Beside the two main characters (Charlie Hunnam, Rinku Kuchiko) there is Idris Elba as Idris Elba (because let’s be honest, Elba is at his best when he is Idrs Elba), Ron Perlman and two stereotype but remarkable scientist, one crazier than the other.


And than there are the fight scenes. And they are just great. It’s like there is only one long fight, with some calm scenes in between as a break. Also, the universe del Toro has created is just amazing. The stuff that happens is not just there to habe action, but it has some impect on the environment as well.

“Pacific Rim” is some kind of love letter to the godzilla movies and their guys in rupper suits, even though robots and monsters alike are CGI. It differs from other action movies by making the conflict going on for a longer period, making the humans supporting characters but still important to the whole situation, and giving the audience what it promisses. Go watch it, damn it. It’s robots vs monsters!

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