Short Review: Hitchcock

Hitchcock is the Biopic about Alfred Hitchcock, while he is working on his masterpiece “Psycho“. Anthony Hopkins plays the titular “hero”, while Helen Mirren plays his wife Alma Reville. The plot is centered around the relationship between those two characters, and their problems in marriage before/ while making the movie.


While Alma is hoping for some excitement in her life, and wants her husband to be more caring about her, Hitchcock is about to lose himself in the story he is about to make, as also its real life psychopathic serial killer Ed Gein (Michael Wincott), the inspiration for Norman Bates. Can the filmmaker withstand the temptation, or is he himself becoming a monster for staring too long into the abyss?

Hitchcock” is well acted and shot. There is not a single scene without the characteristic Hitchock-profile. Both stories, their problems in Marriage as well as the actual making of Psycho, are both equally thrilling and exciting to watch. It’s also interesting to see the interaction between Hitchcock and Gein, and the character-development into a “maniac” is surely suspenseful, and makes the happenings in the movie’s “sequel” “The Girl” much more plausible. Well, “Hitchcock” itself is rather more a prequel to “The Girl“, as the latter, British movie, came out few months before the Hollywood-version.

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