Trailer: The Angry Video Game Nerd – The Movie

Once in a lifetime, there comes a movie, that will change everything. And even though it won’t be this movie, it still comes pretty close

James Rolfe’s movie adaptation of his own web show, which was shot in the past year 2012 in California, the desert of Nevada and Chicago, is going to premier in 2013. The web show has been online for 6 years now, and since its beginning in 2006, Rolfe had been writing the script for a big screen movie.

The plot will be about the urban legend of the worst game ever made: Atari’s E.T., which has been said to be that bad, that Atari shall have buried all the unsold copies in the desert. Apparently the Nerd (Rolfe) will be looking for it.

The only problem I’ve had with the trailer is, that the sound mix is off balance: The music is too loud for the dialogue to be understood. I hope they’ll fix it in the finished movie.

The movie is a no-budget production, but consists of much heart involving. I’m hyped and excited about the movie, and can’t wait for the day it will be published.

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One Response to Trailer: The Angry Video Game Nerd – The Movie

  1. gunfox says:

    Too loud to understand it? I understood all of it. I did work on the movie, but that’s not why I am telling you this now, so don’t get me wrong ok? I’d say the only thing that’s remotely off about the sound mixing is no proper clean-up on the hissing of the dialogue recording. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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