The most fairest of them all: “Snow White and the Huntsman”

This is the fourth entry in the coverage of 2012’s Snow White adaptations.

How many times can you tell the same story over and over, always fresh and new? The main goal of this subseries of reviews was to find this out. We’ve come to the fourth and final movie with the title “Snow White” (well, actually the third movie with that title, for “Mirror, Mirror” definitely had no “Snow White” in it). This time it’s a big budget Hollywood-adaptation, starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Helmsworth.


In a medieval kingdom, a girl named Snow White is born. She’s got a heart of gold, and loves every human being and animal. But her mother dies because of illness, and soon after the king marries a new woman: Incredibly beautiful Ravenna (Theron). But in their wedding night, Ravenna murders the king and takes over the castle, together with her brother Finn. And Snow White gets imprisoned for 12 years.

Now grown-up (Stewart), evil witch/ queen Ravenna wants to eat her heart in order to become immortal and forever young and beautiful. The girl manages to escape into the dark magical forest, and Ravenna sends the huntsman Eric (Helmsworth) into the forest to retrieve her. When Finn reveals to him that the queen wouldn’t fulfill her promise to bring back his dead wife (who was also killed by her), BEFORE the huntsman would hand over Snow White, he just swaps sides and helps the girl escape.

In the meantime the charming prince, a friend from a long gone happy childhood, gets to know that Snow White is still alive. He sets out to look for her, and joins the queen’s pursuit party (while he is dressed as Robin Hood). Snow White and Eric come to a small village of woman, who have been scarring themselves to become less beautiful than the queen. But the village gets burned down (Robin Hood reference, anyone?) and Snow White and the Huntsman have to flee again. They then meet the dwarfs, who a played by great normal sized actors (Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost, Ian McShane) and “dwarfisized” via CGI.

After some arguments in the beginning, they all team up and eventually get an army to fight against Ravenna. But before they do so, Ravenna tricks Snow White into taking a bite off the apple!

Not the apple I meant, but you get the idea


Ok, that one ist a tricky one for it’s been two months since I’ve seen it!

The movie has a beautiful dark look. It’s dirty, black and whitish (no, it’s not a B/W-movie ala “The Artist”). A lot of it is CGI, but you only notice some of it. I like the story and it has some great alterations to the original story. a problem the movie has is that it often can’t decide which movie it wants to be: An action filled medieval tale or a fantasy movie. For example, the dark forest in which Ravenna has no power gets an explanation that is based in science. But in the next scene there is a giant troll under the bridge! And Ravenna also has got magic powers. It’s “weder Fisch noch Fleisch” (translated in my Amazing Spider-man review).

About the acting: Stewart really has mostly only one expression to show, and every single scene she does with her mouth open. But she did rather well, for her  non – acting abilities. Helmsworth does a pretty good job indeed. And Theron? Well, she is good es ever, although she definitely must have taken lessons from Al Pacino, for she suddenly SCREAMS HALF HER SENTENCES MID-SCENE! This gets kind of funny after a while, and I really enjoyed her overacting. It’s very hilarious.

As far as logic goes… the movie seems not to have al lot of it. Movie, logic is your friend if you let it be! There are some plotholes that make no sense, but in my opinion that only helps make the movie funnier.

The part with the women-village is really good and very original. It helps to imagine what is going on outside the main story. The dwarfs enter the movie really late, but have as always the comic relief part, as well as the wise mentor part.

Also, the love triangle between Snow White, the Huntsman and the charming prince, is really well and subtly played, and I really hoped that either of the two men would survive so Snow White would choose between them (you know, killing of one of the rivals is a common thing in Hollywood movies). But then, Hollywood once again has taken the quick exit. I won’t spoil what happens, but it enraged me.


I really liked that movie. In my opinion, of all the films I’ve seen about Snow White, this would be this year’s best. of course the acting is at terms over the top, and at some occasions you can see the CGI, and there are a lot of plot and logic holes. But it has got a rather solid story with mostly good effects and a lot of high production quality. It also gives some pretty good extensions to the original fairy tale.

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