American Reunion

American Reunion is the (real) fourth part in the American Pie franchise. Years after the original, the clique returns to their childhood homes for their reunion. I won’t go much into detail, but this movie plays a lot with the nostalgic factor, and has got a lot of very low jokes. Funny, but low.

I was surprised about how much nudity is in this film, and I don’t just mean a sequence about a naked chick (which apparently is one of the highlights in the film, it’s so hilariously funny)

The only problem I had with this movie was in fact Stifler, who was the only one of the clique who did not grow up. I never really liked Stifler. he is just the guy that I would never want to be around (well he was excellently played by Sean William Scott), and in the third part he seemed to go through a character development. But no, here he is back at being an asshole.

All the characters make a huge fuss about the reunion, and talk about it like it was something special, forgetting the fact that it is jus a reunion.

But for the fanbase’s sake everybody we know from the franchise has a cameo (except maybe for January Jones – damn). Oh, and the average guy can feel great again, because a certain hot woman still thinks about a certain pie-shagger…

American Reunion is a solid comedy, that plays with nostalgia. Anybody who liked the first three movies can/ should watch it.

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1 Response to American Reunion

  1. I saw this one in the movie theater, the whole audience clapped at the end of the movie. It was good, a terrific continuation to the franchise.

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