The most fairest of them all: Snow White: A Deadly Summer

This is the second entry in the coverage of 2012’s Snow White Movies.

Snow (Shanley Caswell ) is a troubled teen, who has very often arguments with her parents, especially her stepmom Eve. Eventually, Snow (they really went with this name, didn’t they?) gets abducted one night and brought into a summer camp for troubled teens. There she shall learn some respect by brutal camp leader Hunter. He lets the kids camp in the outside every night (well,since 95% of the night scenes were clearly shot in the bright daylight, and have then got a filter over them, I will hence refer to it as “day-night” ), and during the day he keeps a cruel and sadistic military reign. Well actually, all the time.

Snow’s 7 fellow “prisoners” are day-night for day-night killed one by one, until Snow finds out that the murderer could be no-one else then her evil stepmother, who wants her dead. Why she bothers killing the others first if she wnats Snow dead ist a mystery, even to the characters.

“A Deadly Summer” is a direct-to-DVD movie. And I guess I don’t have to mention it, but it’s a bad one. It was clear that it would be a bad movie from the moment I first heard of it. So there was not much to expect from it. These expectations were not disappointed, of course. But honestly I have to say the movie didn’t actually suck that badly!

I found the story, despite being nothing special, would make it a fine decent slasher- film. Even the actors were not that bad, actually, they played quite well (on some occasions better than actual teen slasher horror actors) . And the characters were … more down to earth than you would think, despite being stereotypes. The big problem is definitely the script, which is godawful! The dialogue and the setting are just hilariously bad.

Without a good script, there can’t be a good movie, but even the directing is a failure! There are plenty of continuity mistakes, and the logic in the day-night scenes is thrown over board: Some people are reading/ writing in the day-night, but no one ever uses a light to do so. I really can forgive to shoot those scenes in bright daylight, but then at least do as if it was night! Even in Shakespearean days, they have been using torches to show that the scene was set during the night.

Some characters show up and then leave again, and in the beginning, everybody is unlikeable. Everybody but maybe Eric Roberts, who plays the plagued father. But even he is just sitting on the couch looking miserably, while his daughter gets kidnapped, on his/ Eve’s behalf!

Eric Roberts

Eve is the evil stepmom, and as it should be in the fairy tale, often talks to the mirror. She doesn’t say the famous phrase, but rather talks like the green goblin would talk to himself. The camera is a little odd here: They wanted to go away from traditional schizophrenic talkings, and therefore they show one “personality” while the other personality was talking. Doesn’t sound so odd? Well, here comes the creepy part: The one personality that was not talking in that particular moment, didn’t move her mouth! Well, you could argue that the whole conversation took place entirely in Eve’s head. But one time Snow  overhears the mirror personality speaking.

The 7 dwarfs are Snow’s fell0w prisoners (the camp is definitely a prison, with only two guardians I must say). One by one is killed off, and Snow is seeing every murder in mysterious shady filtered dreams through her psychic powers (hm, couldn’t remember that power from the fairy tale). Why all the people have to sleep in the outside every night is also a mystery to me. Also, why do they have to clean the forrest, from like, forrest stuff?

Later in the movie, Snow bites into the obligatoy red apple, which is surprisingly NOT poisened. This would make the apple even more useless than in “Mirror, Mirror”…

As for the ending… SPOILER it’s all all a weird trip (meaning: She dreamt the whole thing after an excessive drug abuse) and Snow wakes up in an asylum. There, all the other dwarfs are stationed too, and strangeley every one of them is waiting for Snow, and happy to see her. Her evil stepmother is dead…or not? I couldn’t tell, as I didn’t want to spend too much thoughts about the movie.

Oh, and one more thing: Even in a dream, hiding a corpse on the couch in front of your office all day long is not a clever idea!


Well, what did you expect? The movie is bad, but to great parts, it’s hilariously bad, meaning you could enjoy it, for it has some trash factor. But  even for a trash evening, it would be second choice.

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