Castlevania – Lords of Shadow 2 Teaser Trailer

Sometimes I go on Youtube and search for new Castlevania videos. And just now, I’ve found the first trailer for the upcoming sequel to Lords of Shadow.

It contains heavy spoilers for those who haven’t finished the game yet. So go on finish it, and then return here!

It begins similar to the epilog to LOS, with a mysterious figure walking along some corridors. This opening shots have a great Western movie flair.

We then recognise this person by his outfit, it’s Gabriel Belmont. He now prossesses – I mean: possesses – the power of darkness, and has become the prince of Darkness, count Dracula. He defies a whole army with his magic powers (fog, whip, turning into a giant freaking bat, sucking peoples blood/life), even a siege giant (a suggurrate for the titans from the first game I guess). In the end, he faces the only warrior left. A silver haired knight who draws a sword. Hm, this knight looks strangely familiar, could it be Alucard, Dracula’s son?

I can tell you, I’m more than hyped!

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