Batman – Year One

With The Dark Knight Rises approaching and my diploma thesis waiting, it’s time to review some Batman-stuff.

Batman – Year One

The movie is something I like to call “comic-movilization” (the difference with “comic- adaptation” will be defined in my thesis), which follows the story and plot of the comicbook by Frank Miller exactly. Keep in mind that Miller also wrote a script about Batman’s first year, which does not quite follow his own graphic novel .

Batman – Year one, is one of the latest DC-animated direct to DVD-movies, based on the cult graphic novel with the same name. It is about the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman and his early adventures in his first year. The movie follows the comic exactly, omitting maybe one or two details but adding a few more scenes (for it is hard to transfer a movie exactly onto film. It doesnot get too long.)

I really enjoy the comic, so I was interested in the movie. And I can say it is a good movie. The drawings are great, the actors (among them Bryan Cranston and Eliza Dushku) are fabulous, and the story is by Frank Miller, what more would you want?

But even though I liked this movie, I also noticed there’s something missing. Nothing plot related or so, but the movie lacked some longer periods. It jumps too rapidly from one day to another. You often have difficulties following the characters’ arcs.

Despite that, the movie is really good, and if you aren’t a comicfan, I would recommend it to you. Maybe it will make you start reading comics.

On the DVD there’s also a shortmovie about Catwoman. It’s also good, but even though the movie is just 15 minutes long, it definitly has got lengths.

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