Iron Sky

Many people have been waiting years for this movie to come out. First introduced in Cannes with a nice teaser trailer, Iron Sky then became an insider-tip and was financied by crowdfunding, which means: the people who wanted to see it, also paid for it.

Now the movie has finally come out. And it is awesome! It’s everything you ever hoped for this project. I won’t go much into detail, I’ll just show you the trailer:

The movie takes nothing seriously, or at least: makes jokes about anything, and tzhough it has a ridiculous premis, it executes it in a serious way. The leading role is played by German ex-model Julia Dietze, the bad guy is played by James Bond villain Goetz Otto, and Udo Kier plays the new Fuehrer. The US president is Sarah Palin (not played by her, but an actual caricature of her).

The only problem I had watching the movie was because I had to go to the toilet urgently, so I missed 10 minutes of it (yeah, it was an emergency). To my disadvantage, those 10 minutes were the only ones with actual character development, so I was confused why certain characters suddenly had swapped sides.

Anyway: Go check out this movie, if you like trash movies. If you don’t like trash movies, go see it anyway.

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