The Chronicles of the Immortals – Volume X : The Godperishing (Göttersterben)

The eleventh book in the series is also the last one to be published by Egmont publishers. The journey of Andrej and Abu Dun is said to come to an end, before it goes on indifferently.


In 1588, Andrej and Abu Dun come to Cadiz,which is preparing for war with England, to find and kill the God Loki, whom Andrej has sworn bloody revenge. Due to a shot to the head, Andrej’s abilities don’t work that well, and Loki turns out to be a tricky shapeshifter. He lures the two immortals into a finely spun spiderweb of traps and treachery, spun by himself as well as by English spies. The final confrontation takes place on a ship on course to the new world. Andrej and Abu Dun must fight the villainous God Ra, and a grieving widow takes the final blow…

Personal opinion

In retrospective, this book shouldn’t be that good, for the “final” book by the original publisher does not have a final ending. But actually, it still holds up. Of course there are some mistakes – again. And not every question is answered (hm, I wonder whether ANY question will be answered in the books), but the deal with Andrej’s strange behaviour can be answered by a previous book – The Deathstroke (well, if you see it like I do):

You see, in the third book, Andrej has been kinda possessed by the werewolf Tobias, due to some blood or saliva in Andrej’s body. In the tenth book, something similar happens, and Andrej kinda follows Loki’s (who is – according to mythology, the father of the fenrirwolf – werewolves) orders. This happens because of the gun shot in Andrej’s head. The bullet was poisened, most probably filled with Loki’s blood. Pretty tricky, and ingenius.

There is no particular love interest, but the hangman’s grieving widow, who understands what Andrej and the other immortals are, and plots revenge on Loki by blowing up the ship. So it’s a pity that Andrej wasn’t able to perform the final blow to avenge his love’s death. Surely Loki will stay dead forever, won’t he? Maybe the epilogue will tell…


Godperishing is a pretty good “final”book, despite some minor mistakes and unanswered questions (But who cares anymore?). Loki is a tough villain,  and really dangerous. It has a good pacing and makes you interested in what happened 1588…

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