Rules to follow in order to make a good trailer

Trailer are advertisments for movies. They often decide whether a movie is worth watching or not. I love trailers. When I go to the movies, I make sure I can watch the trailers of other movies before the main feature. So I made some thaughts about trailers, what you would have to look after when you are making one.

  • Never put a movies ending into your trailer!


  • Don’t spoil important scenes by putting them into the trailer!


  • This also includes revelations!
  • Edit it in a way it makes the audience interested in the movie!


  • Don’t put your best scenes in the trailer!


  • Use good music! Either foreign or composed one.
  • When your movie is shitty and you know it, you can still get people to watch it by using great music!
  • Make sure the music is synchronised with the pictures
  • Fire THAT guy!

Make the trailer resemble the movie! It should tell the audience what kind of movie to expect. These trailer advertise movies to belong to a certain genre. A genre they don’t belong to actually.


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