Lesbian Vampire Killers – a short review

Well, actually I didn’t want to write about that movie, but I’m just in the mood for it now, so I’ll cover it quickly.

I love trash, and this movie seemed to be a perfect candidate for it. But nope, false alarm. This movie is rather disappointing, for I believe it takes itself too seriously.

Let me explain: Trash is a very vague and difficult genre. It often just happens accidently, meaning the makers wanted to make a serious genre picture (most common are horror or sci-fi movies), but didn’t have the recources or the talent to do so. So it tends to suck. But it sucks so hard, that it becomes good again.

To make such a movie in a way it doesn’t suck on purpose is rather difficult, and not always it works.

With “Lesbian Vampire Killers”, the producers wanted to make a cult trash movie on purpose. And they failed. The movie takes itself way too seriously, and that’s the biggest problem. It should have got much more self awareness and bad quality (it looks too “good” and clean to be a trash-film).

Another problem is the title (which is actually the first thing they had invented for the movie). For a supposed trash-film about lesbian vampires there’re way too little lesbian scenes in it. This movie is PG 16. You may think that I’m just a randy nutcase, but ask yourself: What would you expect from a movie that is called “Lesbian Vampire Killers”?

As for the actors, they are all young and unknown (except for the vampire queen, she was played by the female vampire that was killed in Van Helsing, and I think the blonde girl had an appearence in HIMYM)

And the plot… well, it’s rather nonsensenal and resolved too quickly.

A real “good” trash movie keeps you laughing. With this one I have been laughing too little to really enjoy it.

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4 Responses to Lesbian Vampire Killers – a short review

  1. Carina Go says:

    Also, Trash is best watched with some friends to create the MST3K-effect. 😉

  2. Carina Go says:

    It’s making fun of the movie while watching and dubbing it in a funny and silly way.

    Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was this really hilarious TV series in which the protagonists were forced to watch some of the worst, cheesiest and crappiest movies ever made – to stay mentally sane they made fun of them while they watched it…
    Some of the episodes are on Youtube, I especially love those silly “educational” clips from the 50ies/60ies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRB3xDg5pnU 🙂

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