Let’s talk about Spider-man 4… I mean: The Amazing Spider-man

This week the trailer for the long awaited fourth Spider-man movie came out. And it looks amazing!

Ok, I just realised the ridiculousness of my words, for “amazing” is already in the movie’s title. But that was not my intend. I really like this trailer, and makes mecurious about that movie (ok, I was curious before bt…you know what I mean 😉 )

But actually, I don’t want to talk about the trailer, but about the movie itself. You see, many people are confused by the storyline of “Spider-man 4”, for it seems to take place in the beginning of Spider-man.

I just want to clarify: These people have no clue what they are talking about: The Amazing Spider-man ist not Spider-man 4, it is a REBOOT!  (I’m currently working on an article about that topic, but it will take time to be published). In short: It has absolutely nothing to do with the previous trilogy!!! It’s a new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield),that gets bitten by the gene-manipulated spider (it actually does sound better if I would say “radioactive”, but I wanted to be correct) and becomes a new vigilante with new  love interest (Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy) and fights new evil (Rhys Ifans as Dr Kurt Conners alias Lizard). Which brings us to the following question:

Why did they make a reboot when the last movie was successful and was only a few years old?

Excellent Question. You may have heard about the difficulties director Sam Raimi has had with Fox during the production of the trilogy. Just when Spider-man 4 was about to begin shooting, the situation “escalated” and Raimi left the project. So did McGuire and Dunst So they did a quick rewrite and got another director to direct (Marc Web). Yeah, Fox is the Devil!!

But surly they could just have made a sequel without Raimi, Dunst and Maguire, that still belonged to that franchise. That’s true, they could have. But you miss one thing: nitpicky fanboys!

You see, some Spider-Man fans were not satisfied with Raimi’s trilogy: They didn’t like Maguire as Peter Parker, Kirsten Dunst as MJ, or Spider-man’s organic webshooters. And guess what: All those things are gone in the new movie!

Another aspect is the rumor that they would connect Spider-man with the Avengers-movie coming out this year. We will see.

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