And the Oscar should go to…

Drive” is a slow-paced but action-loaded thriller by Nicolas Winding-Refn. Every single minute of this movie is full of thrill and suspense, even though it doesn’t seem so at first sight.

Drive (2011) - copyright:

Driver (Ryan Gosling) is stuntdriver and mechanic by day and heist-driver by night. He doesn’t talk much, only when neccessary. His only friend is his boss Shannon (Bryan “Hal Wilkerson” Cranston), and he is just living his life. Then he falls in love with his married neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan), and all starts getting complicated, as big problems in form of mobsters crash into driver’s life…

Honestly, I don’t want to go too deeply into the plot so I can’t spoil anything. “Drive” is a movie that you should have seen at least once in your life. Everything is beyond great. The cinematography, the lighting, the pace, the acting. Slow and calm scenes take turns with adrenaline-picked action scenes from one moment to the other and back (keyword: elevator scene!) and it just leaves you breathless. “Drive” is also an extraordinary brutal film, and has a lot of scenes in it, that will turn your stomache upside down. On the other hand, some of the “death”-scenes are shot in a rather artistic way thsat doesn’t show too much, like when you just see two people’s shadows fighting, and not the people themselves.

The movie’s shot in a wideangle, and each scene seems to have a new perspective, telling much by showing little.

One thing that mustn’t be neglected is the acting: Ryan Gosling is brilliant! Since “Lars and the Real Girl” it should be clear that he is one of the most promissing young actors in filmbiz. Since then he has grown in so many ways. His performance in “Drive” is simply outstanding, always staying solid and calm, but exactly this calmness is it that gives him power. The movie, which may be great on its own, is carried by Gosling’s performance.

I also have to mention the other actors, which also do a great job in my opinion, giving their characters personality and their own touch. Each character acts like a real human being and noone seems like being a cardboard figure. But you shouldn’t forget that this movie is about driver, and not about the other characters. So the camera lies with him and his emotions more ofthen than with others’, like when he tells a previous client, who approaches him with a paying job offer, to “fuck off”.

Drive” was totally neglected by this year’s oscar-nominations. Gosling neither got nominated for best actor, nor did the movie itself get nominated for best picture. It’s abslolutely not reasonable behavior by the Academy, and it’s a pity that such a wonderful and great movie such as “Drive” does not get nominated, but a movie like “Extremely loud and incredibly close” (the 10th year anniversary movie of 9/11) does…


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2 Responses to And the Oscar should go to…

  1. Carina Go says:

    Shame on me – I haven’t had time yet to watch it, although everyone loves it…
    I’ve seen The Artist, though, which I absolutely adore, and I’m quite curious about ELAIC, as I’ve read the novel.

    • befilmt says:

      I’d like to watch ELAIC too, for I want to know whether this movie is capable of being oscar-worthy ot if my first impressions turn out to be true and it’s just because of the anniversary.
      You haven’t seen Drive? Turn off your PC, take your boyfriend (at a pinch forcibly 😉 ) and go to the cinema RIGHT NOW! well, maybe not right now, but tonight!

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