WTF-Moment of the week

I don’t expect you to know me. One thing I can guaruntee, that I have a thing for …special movies. That kind of movies you don’t get, you know, because they have quite a strange premiss.

I just watched a few shortmovies by a director I know, and they ARE STRANGE, really really strange. Even for me it was too much. There was even a movie I loathed and I can’t tell why. Just imagine me sitting in front of a PC (well, it’s a laptop) , uttering this:

So I’m sitting there, not knowing what to think (seriously, I even made a feedback for the first movie, which was not that strange, but had just some awful stuff in it like bad editing or acting). And then, with the last movie I realised: It’s all a psycho-joke. It doesn’t have to make sense! And then I was relaxed.

And I don’t know why I’m telling you this, maybe I just wanted to share my realisation that movies can in fact be psycho- jokes, and David Lynch is not just a creepy ghost story you tell your kids as bedtime-stories.

I’ll end this post with an Austrian psycho-joke I like very much. It’s in German:

Einw Kuh kommt in den Laden, und verlangt 2l Milch. Da geht der Geschäftsführer runter in den Keller, zerschlägt ein Klavier, kehr zurück und sagt: “Tut mir leid, Semmeln haben wir keine mehr.” Darauf die Kuh: “Macht nix, bin eh mit dem Radl da.”

Good night.


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