Game of the year

Welcome to a new category on this site! I wanted to write about games for a long time, and I think now is the right time for it. So let’t start with the game of the year 2011!

although I like Batman: Arkham City very much, the award goes to Portal 2!


I just finished the game, and I am more the excited!Immediatley after I first put the game into the console, I fell on love with it The graphics, the sound, the gameplay, the characters. Everything is just perfect.


Unfortunately I haven’t played the first Portal yet, but I knew the story! This game’s story is set shortly after the first game ended. Once again you take control over Chell, the protagonist of the first game. You are back at Aparture Labs, and once again test subject. The little robot Wheatley wantsto help you getting out, but accidently resurrects GlaDos, the MCP from the first game. So the tests begin again…


So what’s Potal about you ask? It’s a First Person Shooter without guns and violance. You have to escape by solving puzzles: In many, MANY rooms you go from A to B. Sounds easy, but It’s harder than you think. The rooms themselves are the puzzles, and you can only get through doe to a device called portal gun. With it, you can shoot two interdimensional portals, that are connected. You go through one, you come out through the other.

Portal is a game that defise the laws of physics!

Each test chamber is unique, so you have a lot of fun solving it. But boy, some riddles are reallydifficult, and you need a lot of time and patience to reach the other side.

What I also like about the game, is that you learn a lot about the origins of Aparture Science, and how it all came to be. This also leads to some goosebumbs-moments (like the truth behind GlaDOS). And it has the last-man-on-earth attitude.

Go check it out, it’s totally worth it.

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