Before he rises, the dark knight has to fall…

Since Monday, the new and highly anticipated The Dark Knigth Rises Trailer is out.

I have to say: It keeps me hyped, or better: it hypes me even more. Though it’s not as good as the first “The Dark Knight” trailer back then (which became my alltime favourite movie trailer), it sets the mood the movie will be in.

He also finally get to hear Bane (Tom Hardy) speak, and also get a narration by Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway). The scene between her and Bruce Wayne inevitably reminds me of that scene from “Batman Returns” between then Batman Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman

Hathaway’s Catwoman is also wearing a necklace that looks particulary familiar:

This reminds me of…

Could it be, that Catwoman steals Martha Wayne’s necklace? The speech she is giving to Bruce Wayne seems to underline that theory. Also keep in mind that the pearls were a huge deal in Batman Begins, as they are in the whole comic universe, as those are the pearls that were partly responsible for Bruce Wayne’s parents’ deaths!

2012-rip off

There is another scene in the trailer, that kept me rather confused. The scene on the footballfield. It doesn’t seem to fit into Nolan’s more realistic take on Batman. If you saw only that scene wihtout the rest of the trailer, you would believe it belongs to Emmerich’s “2012”, and ergo the scene was unintentionally funny for me, which is not as good as it sounds…

“Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions”

Nolan’s Batman-movies always seem to adapt actual policy. In “Batman Begins” it was crime and the enemy within, in “The Dark Knight” it was terrorism and the war against it, violation of civil rights.

In “Rises”, it seems Nolan takes on the recent stock market crash and financial crisis. The rich and wealthy ones live on the poor and weak ones, which have nothing. Then their “savior” comes, and leads an revolution against the city’s leadership. Gotham’s elite is taken hostage, among them an old Bruce Wayne…

There is nit much left to discuss at the moment, so sit back and watch the trailer, and enjoy getting goosebumbs 🙂


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