An era’s end

A few days ago,the final episode of the German TV-show “Wetten, dass…” (“Bett, that…”) with host Thomas “Supernase” Gottschalk aired. “Wetten, dass…” is about people, who bet that they can do something extraordinary no one else can. And various VIPs from all over the world have to bet. If the VIPs have been proven wrong, they have to pay their debt by various ridiculous actions.

The has been on airing for 30 years now, and made TV-history. Gottschalk was the second AND fourth man to host the show, and he himself made history, doing the show for over 23 years – You see, he is very popular. He made “Wetten, dass…” what it is today. After a failed dangerous bet in 2010, that put young stunt man Samuel Koch into coma , Gottschalk declared his retirement

One year later, he did his last show. Perfectly staged.

And then he went through the gate he has been going through for the last 23 years. Well, this left a huge impact on me, for I’ve been growing up with Gottschalk as the show’s host. Each Saturday evening the whole familiy has been sitting together and watching the stars and the bets, and Gottschalks over-the-top costumes. With him now gone, it’s like losing an old friend.

That’s why I say thank you, Thomas, thank you for 23 yeas of good times.



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