Biest – Cast and Crew

I already posted the first teaser trailer for the upcomg indie-horror-film “Biest”. Now I have a special treat for you: The cast and crew of the production (well most of). I’m also there. I’m the beardy one (rofl)

from left to right:

back row: Andreas Zankl, Stefan Schnuderl, actors Paul Hassler, Stefanie Lexer, Peter Simonischek, director Stefan Mueller, Christina Halitzki, Susanne Kirchner

front row: Lena Kothgasser, me, Oliver Haas, DOP Martin Schneider, Shirin Hooshmandi

fun fact: Peter Simonischek wore my gloves on that day, while I was wearing Susanne Kirchner’s… weird, isn’t it ^^

and here is the second teaser:

Have fun

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3 Responses to Biest – Cast and Crew

  1. L K says:

    That brings back memories of times long gone.
    Good to see you all moving forward.
    Best of Luck.


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