Dead in 3 Days part III – Death comes in the first night

One way trip 3D is the first Austrian Horror/ Slasher Movie… in three dee. It’s an Austrian/ Switzerlandish co- production. Young Austrian and German actors in Switzerlandish locations. Students from college. Every kind of students from college. We have the beardy nerd from Germany (insert random guy name), the “artistic” slash independant-stuff chick (insert random girl name), the “Krocha” (some weird kind of hip hopper praying Ed Hardy I don’t believe still exists), the driver nobody remembers and commilitone of the beardy nerd, and the lead actress’ ex-boyfriend, who is too cool to drive with them in their old VW bus, and comes out of nowhere to meet them at a gas station. I could give them names but they are just canon food for the killer and I. Don’t. Care. About. Them. So what are they gonna do on their trip to Switzerland? Looking for certain mushrooms to get on a trip

Among them the lead actress, the average girl. played by Austria’s scream queen Sarina Reiter.

She is the only one unhappy to be on this journey, because, well, she is rather there against her will. When the bus crashes on a straight street, she has a rather strange encounter with a hunter. I only say: Pants off, shotgun raised and specific body fluid on face and clothes. But she dismisses him, so he goes on a rampage to kill everybody, while his daughter streaks the shot bambi

But wait…no, first they encounter a stranded couple, played by Tanja Raunig and Martin Loos. The latter one has definitely never seen Basic Instinct, and the first one has issues. But this is to be forgiven, considering the fact that her boyfriend tries to cheat on her while she is in the same room.

They well, find the mushrooms and… go on a trip. Look how amazing the floating heads look in 3D at night!!! Then stuff happens…and then…but then…and finally they are all dead, except for the final girl, despite definitely having had sex…

The movie ends with an quite interesting twist, which has already been indicated in one of the movie’s best cinematc scenes. But this twist can’t make up for the past 90 minutes of bullshit.

I knew One Way Trip would be a bad movie. But I could never imagine how awful it would turn out to be. There is no character I like (except for the beardy nerd, he has something…), but the rest… There are logic and plot holes all over the film, most of them are relevated by the ending, but not the greatest one: Their dumbness. Those characters deserve to die. No kidding. After all, this movie is just a 90-minutes-say-no-to-drugs-ad

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