How far are we willing to go when we’re already standing at the edge?

A shortfilm by some college-colleagues of mine.

In the near future, a nuclear supergau has taken place in middle-Europe. Medical supplies are very rare, and cannot be guaranteed for everybody. A Reality-TV-show is airing, about 10 people who are put into a contaminated-zone and their struggle of survival. The winner is going to get a life long medical support for family and themselves. The movie starts with only two candidates left: Schleicher (Samuel Machto) and Grobian (Gunter Elmer)

The movie opens with the show’s intro, showing all of the candidates – even the already deceased – in pictures. Here you also see the fotos of the filmcrew (aspecially the director-duo Sebastian Klemm Lorenz and Tina Hörgl)

We then see Schleicher walking around. We don’t exactly know what’s going on, there are a lot of close-ups, and it’s very bright (though the colours are simply kept earthish/ brownish/ sepia). He finds a corpse (Christopher Macher) and plunders it. A horse is about to be killed in order to become food for Schleicher, when Grobian intervenes, killing his opponent.

The flesh he is shown eating isn’t clear to determine, it’s either Schleicher’s or the horse’s. But the end is near, there are no other opponents. The gates are about to open, freedom and liberty are in reach. The game is finished. Then Höllenhund (“Hell’s dog”), a supposed dead candidate, turns up again, turned crazy and mutated due to radiation. The confrontation ends deadly for both, but the moderator doesn’t bother. It’s all for the quotes…

Cannibalism has taken over, everyone fights for his own in this area. Though Grobian is participating in the show because he wants to look after his family. He is no hero when he throws Höllenhund off the reiling, he just wanted to survive and defended himself. Cannibalism. Cannibal Holocaust tried to implie, how TV is ruining our sense for humanity, by letting one of the main characters mumble: “I wonder who the real cannibals are“. Sure, it’s the man-eaters who are the cannibals, but the filmteam had done them great harm first.

Many years later, a movie came out that had a similar topic: Live! Russian Roullette got made into a TV-Show. A live death on TV. That’s what everyone wants to see and nobody acknowlegdes he wants to see.

TV-aktiv is a very provoking dystopian view on society and the favourites on TV. Of course, the concept isn’t original, but very seldom it looked that fitting. If you are asking who would want to see a show like this on TV, I give you a hint: Just look into a mirror.

To be honest, a similar format has already existed in the Scandinavian TV-show Expedition Robinson, which had versions in various countries, even Austria/ Germany.

TV-Aktiv has almost no dialogue, the only person speaking is the moderator. Until then,we only have grunts and other noices. Most of what we see on screen is what the show’s cameras film, noticeable by the “cuts”. There are no sides to be taken, anybody is innocent as well as guilty. I would like to see a sequel with how the people react…

For me, this controversial movie is one of the best shortmovies I have ever seen, and you should definitely go see it.


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