I realised I haven’t talked about my trip to Sarajevo I’ve made this summer yet (except for some of the movies I have seen there: Captain America, Fleke and Kochegar) Now it’s time for it I guess.

Sarajevo was awesome! It was great to see another country and culture (I’m leaving Austria not that often 😉 ), but let me start from the beginning.

Day 0

I went there by bus, from Vienna to Sarajevo by the travel company Eurolines. The bus went off at 6 pm on July 24th, and it drove the whole night long and we arrived at 5:30 on 25th of July. I could’t sleep well on the bus, ’cause the seats were not that comfortable. But I met a few very nice people from Austria on the bus (It should be noted that a close friend of mine, Mi,  accompied me).

Day 1

Well, we arrived at the main bus station in the town, and I didn’t know how to get to the hostel. I had a drive plan with me, but I didn’t know where I was. Mi went to his uncle’s house. Thankfully, a girl I met on the bus knew Bosnian and guided me as far as she had to drive by cable car. I had to go one station further, and the driver told me exactly in brocken English how to get there. And yep, on first try I found my hostel. Yippie!!!

There at the hostel, the receptionist was extremely friendly and let me to my room (it was an 8 bed room) and I went to sleep immediately. And I tell you one thing: The bed was frigging awesome. It was the best bed I’ve ever slept in. So, I have been sleeping a few hours, and woke up when one of my female friends I shared the room with, Mo and Na, who have arrived there a few days earlier, got up and dressed. I dressed too, and we went to the festival center. The hostel was in the town’s center, so did the festival center and the cinemas themselves, so it it took us only five to 15 minutes to get everywhere.

After I received my accrediation, me and Mo went to see Fleke (a great way to sart a festival, isn’t it? 😉 ) What I fought about the movie you already could read here. We then went to meet Na and Mi, who couldn’t live with his uncle, so he also stayed at the hostel, and we went to eat lunch to a Bosnian restaurant. Delicious, but don’t ask me what it was called, my food knowledge is limited.

In the afternoon, we watched “A headless woman” , a movie that reminded me of “A Woman under the influence” by Cassevates, but was rather boring. I fell asleep once in a while and spun the plot further in my dreams, to a degree that I couldn’t tell what was my imagination and what was really happening in the movie. In the evening, we saw “Pina 3D” by Wim Wenders, also really boring but good and worthy 3D.

Despite the fact it was heavily raining, it was a good day.

Day 2

I woke up, went breakfasting and then Mo and me went to see “Atmen“/ “Breathing” by Karl Markovics, which was the second of two Austrian movies that have been playing at the festival. I am still due to write a review about that movie, but I can tell you now: It’s great. Go see it.

I then went for a panel, which I only got to see the second half of, and then I met another friend and his girlfriend, who have been staying in Sarajevo some time, and together we went to see “Abendland” (ok, this is also an Austrian movie, the third to be exact).

I’m not sure what happened afterwards, I just know I saw three more movies on that day (yes, Tuesday was pretty full), one of them being a shortmovie, one of them boring as hell and one a pretty funny comedy in SatC-style (for men, of course )

Day 3

It was the only really beautiful and warm day, so I went sightseeing and saw the old town of Sarajevo, and went into a Mosque (I first had to put on trousers, as I was not allowed to enter with my short pants), and then I went to see the place where Franz Ferdinand was shot (you know, World War I and stuff). I’ve watched three movies that day: Loverboy – a “Long breath” thriller about getting into prostitution; The Stoker and the British movie “Jane Eyre”, starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender (You know: The nazihunter in Inglorious Basterds, and Magneto in X-Men: First Class).

The latter of the three was in the open air cinema, and knowing it would get really cold (I have been working in an open air cinema in July) I brought some blankets for Mo and me. Some people in the row behind us were chatting all the time,till I got furious and asked themto be quiet. They seem to have misunderstood me, as they immediately stood up and left. But no problem, due to the fact that those one row further behind us kept on chatting ^^

The movie itself was great, a wonderful British Victorian Age movie with some horror elements.And guess what: Not only was the director there, but also Michael Fassbender, and he went past me this close (of course I can’t show you, but it was close I can assure you)

Day 4

Another rainy day. Mi has left in the morning and I must admit I don’t remember many movies I saw. A Slovenian road trip movie and a portayal about Charlotte Gainsbourg, but nothing else. But I have to tell a story about the portrayal of Charlotte Gainsbourg: I arrived late at the cinema and had to sit on the stairs. There, a cute and pretty Bosnian chick pulled me during the movie (ok, I was also attracted to her, so I didn’T mind ) and started chatting with me, much to Mo’s displeasure as she hates chatting during the movie. To be honest, so do I, but hey, it was a very cute girl.

Day 5

Final Day in Sarajevo. I went to see three films: The Christianing (A dark gangster-tale), Captain America with Na, who went asleep during the movie (yeah, she didn’t like the movie at all, but I wasn’t fond of it either), and Melacholia by Lars von Trier. Melancholia surprised me, as I didn’t enjoy “Antichrist”, but this one war really good and the acting was also good. I also wanted to see “The Guard” but it turned out it had been posponed to Saturday, and we were about to leave on that day.

Day 6

We left very early and took a Taxi to the bus station. We overestimated out time, so we had to wait a long time for the bus to come. We all ought some food at a “kiosk”, but I barely touched it. I were the only one who had a seat reserved, so I got in first, and had to assign seats for the girls (I don’t like to do this, to be honest). Then, with half an hour delay, we left Sarajevo.

The bus drive was very hard and long. I could barely sleep, as it was bright daylight (which happens when we have to be indoor), and so I watched the landscape of Bosnia and Croatia. At the borderstations the bus had to stay longer and there was also some traffic jam. We arrived at Vienna at 22:30, two and a half hour later than expected.

We then departed, as I went home to find some sleep. The term paper, which was due till the next day I would write tomorrow. But this was another story…

Final thoughts

The journey to Sarajevo and back was really hard, but the visit itself was totally worth it (I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spend in this week, too much for sure). The Bosnians are really nice, especially the staff at the hostel.

The cinema industrie though is quite bad in quality. The staff-people working there don’t know how to focus, and the loudspeakers are turned on at the highest level I believe. My ears most probably took some damage, I’m sure of it.

I don’t know whether it happened in Sarajevo or during the bus ride home, but I got sick the next day. Not just sick, I got something like a stomach flu, which plagued me throughout the whole next week. Great. But also, this is another story…

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2 Responses to Sarajevo

  1. Carina Go says:

    ad Jane Eyre – I loved the movie… Not only as a movie, but also as a successful adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s novel which I’m very fond of. It perfectly captures the general mood of the text and, as you’ve already adressed, it also conveys the Gothic elements…

    I also loved the shots, the colours, the slightly shaky camera… Wonderful!

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