In 1921, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau wanted to adapt Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the big screen, but couldn’t get the rights. He therefore changed the title and some character names and made “Nosferatu”. Still, it was illegal and Stoker’s widow won the argument, having almost every copy of the movie destroyed. Thankfully, some copies got archivied, And the movie survived 90 years long.

On Friday, I wa sable to see the movie in the Villi-Cinema in Pörtschach, Carinthia. There was live-piano-music, played by Stefan Graf von Bothmer, who gave his own interpretation of the movie (in musicial-terms as well in analytic terms). Watching the movie this way was incredible.

I tried to watch the movie in a perspective that Orlock (Max Schreck) was a manifestation of Hutter’s oppressed sexuality, and it absolutely worked.

Nosferatu is one of the greatest vampire-movies of all time, and everybody should see it at least once.


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2 Responses to Nosferatu

  1. Carina Go says:

    I love that movie… It always surprises me how colourful it is – people tend to forget that, arguing they’re all just b/w…

    • befilmt says:

      Me too 🙂
      What most people don’t know is that back then movies actually WERE in colour: Indoor Scenes were yellowish, outdoor scenes in sepia. nightscenes were inked in blue. The filmmakers really inked the filmroll. That’s something I have learned on that evening ^^

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