Legende- Die Geschichte eines Helden

This is the review about the first feature movie by Stefan Müller (“Biest”, “Tartarus”), a tragicomedy with the name “Legende”.

The shy college student Richard (Stefan Müller) is asked by two comic nerds (Wolfang and Bernhard Lukas) to become a real- life superhero. Richard agrees, in order to win the heart of Luisa (Elisabeth Zissler). After a month of preparing (including reading and analysing comics, martial arts training, “acting” and costume tryouts) he is ready to become the “Black Knight”. And really, he is able to save lifes (especially women who are about to be raped ) and wins Luisa’s heart as the “Black Knight”. Now he just has to win her over as himself, but since she has become single recently, this should’t be that much of a problem.

But Luisa’s ex-boyfriend Paul (Leopold F.J. Keber) is evil (get it?- a Scott Pilgrim pun) and dangerously jealous. He does the unthinkable and tricks Richard into being suspected for the deed. Can Richard free himself from every charges against him and set things right?

A hero’s tale

It’s clear by the first shot of the film that this is the first feature film of a young group of filmmakers. There is little artificial light, so the movie looks dark very often. The actors are the filmmakers themselves, and most of them act very stiff. But Stefan Müller and Leo Keber play their parts extremely well. Youl believe their characters any moment.

The first two thirds of the movie are rather comedic (with some silly jokes but also some really funny ones), but with a surprising plot point the drama begins. wow, I seldomly watch a movie that manages to turn 180°. This is one of them.

In the afterthoughts of the movie, the silly jokes are forgotten, but the drama and the sad ending sustain.

If you can overlook the zero-budget qualities, you have a drama that keeps you thinking…

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