Green Lantern or: How not to make a movie

In brightest day…

It’s been a month or so, since I’ve seen Green Lantern. In one of my previous posts I’ve been praising the trailers that have been released for the movie. Now I feel ashamed.

The movie has a lot of failures, beginning with…the beginning: Tomar Re (Geoffrey Rush) is expositioning and tells about the origin of the Green Lantern Corps, AND gives away who the villain is (which is weird for later he doesn’t seem to know about Parallax). Then we come to our…. no, not the main hero! First, we see the “resurrection” of Parallax, and THEN we meet…no, still not Hal Jordan! Then we meet Abin Sur (Temuerra Morrison – Jango Fett and the Clone warriors from the new Star Wars Trilogy) and Sinstro (Mark Strong) Abin Sur – the “finest warrior of the corps”- gets attacked by Parallax. He flees to Earth, where he (and subsequently WE) meets our protagonist: Testpilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). You remember in the first trailer, when he wakes up upon the naked chick that’s probably never going to be mentioned again?

Well, guess what: That’s our introduction to him. The first shot he is in, and the next few scenes show what a chaotic person he is (packaging a birthday present with newspaper while driving- great role model for kids!)

Then we are introduced to our dreamwoman… I mean our love interest… I mean his leading lady… I mean our leading female and Hal’s love interest: Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). After an argument (I’ll take bets on WHEN they will come together!) they “fly some planes”, and here, everything goes wrong (not only on the screen, but also in cinematic terms). Hal’s plane is about to crash, he should do something to start the engines again, BUT HE IS CAUGHT IN A FLASHBACK OF HIS FATHER DYING! Not necessarily the best time for that kind of flashback I would say. And it’s not short, no, it takes its time. Well, in the last moment he is able to pull the trigger and ejects himself… isn’t he agreat testpilot?

Ah, I forgot, Hal is behaving like a jerk, BUT he has a loving and caring family, and he is caring for his little nephew, who, like every other member of his family, will never return again in the movie.

Hal then gets into possesion of the Green Lantern-Ring (The power- source  of a Green Lantern) by Abin Sur, and is able to escape the crash site before the government agents arrives. Then he is flown to the planet Oa, centre of the universe, where he meets the Guardians (blue midgeons that kinda look like smurfs, but are very close to the source material) and is trained by Sinestro, Tomar Re and Kilowog. This training is merely a “Let’s beat the shit out of the new guy and destroy his self conscience“, and Hal is sent back to Earth.

…in blackest night.

Meanwhile, we meet biology- professor/ nerd Hector Hammond, who is employed by the government to examine the corpse of Abin Sur. He gets contaminated by a “splitter” of Parallax and is slowly turning into a telekinetic monster. (this character resembles in many ways the villain from “Howard the Duck“)


At a party, Hal, disguised as the Green Lantern, saves Carol from a crashing Helicopter and reveals his true identity to her. Then he fights Hector, twice. At the showdown, Parallax appears and wants to suck out all life from Earth. Hal defeats it by sending it towards the sun, and he then lives happily ever after with Carol.

But wait… Sinestro seems to turn into…Sinestro!

no bad film shall escape my sight

If this review sounded a little rushed, it’s because I could’t quite remember much of the movie. Stuff happens, but most of it is unimportant. Characters aren’t properly introduced (best example is Hector Hammond), and we barely get to know their backstory. The characters aren’t even well developed, rather unbalanced. Sinestro’s motivation at the end is never given, you don’t know why he turns evil.

 I don’t think Reynols and Lively were bad in their roles, but the script didn’t give them much to do. What I can say, is that the chemistry between them was there, and it worked really well. There is one scene where Carol finds out Hal’s identity, which is one of the best scenes in the movie, as it also makes jokes about the ridiculousness of the mask he is wearing.

The whole movie looks like it has been changed in the edit room (and the editor/ studio producers must have hated director Martin Campbell). It seems that there have been many more scenes with minor characters (yep, a DC will definitely come out). There are two villains, and both are a complete waste of time. Parallax – the space shit (seriously)- is literally burned, and Hector Hammond had also no purpose whatsoever.

Green Lantern is about dealing with fear, as a Green Lantern has to be fearless (or whatsoever), so it’s apolagable to let a testpilot dealing with having fears, BUT I can’t possibly believe that a testpilot would lose self conscience and is rememberiung his father’s death when his plan is right about to crash.

The effects were ok, but the 3D was just to make more money. There was one shot, where the 3D really looked good (it’s probably the shot I remember best), but one shot doesn’t make up for useless 3D.

Green lantern is definitely not the worst movie ever, but the potential that was wasted and never fully used makes it a really bad movie.

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2 Responses to Green Lantern or: How not to make a movie

  1. Flipthetruck says:

    Der physiker in mir muss anmerken dass hector biologe ist, zwar noch immer SCIENCE aber nicht so quantum mechanics

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